Saturday, November 12, 2011


So being as I am on Pinterest and also do my fair share of being in lots of different stores around here. I am just kind of wondering.....What the heck is up with the mustache craze?? Here are a few pics I have found that is proof that it really is a "craze."

Let's start off with a few mustache phrases.

Now onto mustache items. I think mustaches are rather creepy and 
certainly wouldn't want to cuddle with a creepstache pillow.

 ...or have a little sip of your beverage of choice from a mustache glass?

...or have mustache nail art?

....or a mustache necklace?

...or the best one yet. A mustache headboard? CreepO

  But this is the picture that takes the cake. 
Because 1 mustache isn't enough! :)

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DangGina said...

I think, for the most part, mustachioed men look like pedophiles. Seriously, creepy. I'm with you on this; what's up with the mustaches?!

(I very nearly gagged when I saw that forehead mustache on pinterest. Sick!)