Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sometimes I Wish I Were Asian

So there are 3 biggies on my list to date someone. They aren't a big deal. Nobody should say I am being too picky. They are
1. I have to be attracted to them.
2. They have to be HOT....on the gospel.
3. Our personalities have to go well together. (I don't want to be with a dud.)

So in essence, isn't that what most people are looking for? Hopefully. But I always find men with 2 of the 3. Different combinations but nonetheless only two ever are met. Well the other day I had some down time. (Which doesn't happen to often) Well guess what I pondered about! Asians! They all look the same. So I was thinking how simple it would be in the dating world in Asia. You never have to worry about attraction. They all look the same to me, so I would only need to fine someone who met the other two requirements. Number 3 would always be met. There is my rant. It's probably why they are so smart. They have so much more time for learning when they don't have to figure out the dating world as much. Nice. Sometimes I wish I had it that easy and were Asian!


Megan said...

hahaha. China is so hot.

Marci said...

LOL Katy, I love that. I mean I heart that... I wonder if somebody from China would agree with ya. ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL uh I'm asian and I can say that we don't look the same to each other. It's just because we're from a different culture/races that it can be harder to differentiate between people.
and Asians are just as picky about looks haha.
so yeah.
but I found this amusing :D