Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rules! Rules! Rules!

My mother has always had a certain disregard for the rules. I never really thought I inherited that trait from her, and have always seen myself as a person who follows most of the rules with exactness. I just have for the most part done the things that have been expected of me. However as of recently I have felt a little like this.
My job has SOOOOO many rules, and I am dying. I have been struggling in my job for quite sometime because they have SOOOOOO many rules. Some of them are for good reason. The others are only there because the company is so concerned about being above and beyond their competition that they have implemented things that are so off the wall stupid that I find it very hard to follow through with what they expect of me. I am training my co-teacher right now and have found myself saying (way too many times) that this is how you are supposed to do it, but I do it this way. Or this is what they expect of you, but good luck in having them give you time to do it. Today I broke the no colored liquid in a see through bottle rule. However I did tell the assistant center director that I had it. She didn't care. I guess this post is just to rant and realize that I am a lot more like my mother than I had originally thought. Sometimes I wish I could run my room by the spirit of the law. Things would probably run smoother.

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