Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm Glad THAT Has Never Happened to Me

So funny story today at work. Funny for me. Awkward for 1 person not there. HA! So for nap time my co-worker Kassy and I were setting up the kids cots with their sheets and blankets. Kassy goes and grabs one little girls blanket out of her cubby and unfolds it and out drops a pair of women's garment bottoms. Oh my! Kassy isn't a member but has lived in Utah for her whole life. She is like oh I thought this is a huge no no. I just said it's fine and quickly shoved them back into the cubby. Well an hour later the dad comes to pick up his little girl. I hand back the garment bottoms and just say, "here is an embarrassing moment for you." He just laughs and says he is glad they aren't his. Ha! I tell him not to worry cause I have some myself.....just to make it less awkward. Thought it was funny! I just feel bad for the wife when her husband shows her what we all found at school. :)

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