Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Series of POO-ticular Events

You will better understand the title of this post if you take the time to read here and here. I promise, you won't be sorry if you do. So Friday at work (thank goodness it always seems to happen on Fridays) one of my little girls comes up to me crying and has her hands held out. I looked down at her and realized that she had poo smeared all over her hands. I turned her around and discovered poo all down the back of her pants. I hurried and put her on the changing table and knew that there was going to be poo somewhere in my classroom. So while I was cleaning her up I told the 4 remaining children that we were going to play a little game called "Spot the Poo." They were all for it! :) So as I was cleaning up the pooey one the other little munchkins were running around the room in search of the prize. They finally found poo in 2 different places in the room. I was about done cleaning up the pooey one when the worst thing that could happen, happens!


I told my kids to grab the keys and line up at the door, while I was hurriedly putting the pooey one's clothes back on. I grabbed her and her socks and shoes, jumped the poo and got the kids outside. While exiting another teacher runs through my classroom and through the poo. UGH! While she is tracking it everywhere she says, "Do you know there is poo in your room?" Really!? Thanks for that. I didn't know how I could have missed that! All in a days work
So till the next installment of "A Series of POO-ticular Events" (and there will FOR SURE be another installment) don't forget to spot the poo.  

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Megan said...

That is super gross.