Sunday, April 22, 2012


Once upon a time there was a girl living in Idaho. She received 3 callings one Sunday and had to get set apart for all 3 of them all at once. The bishopric member who was setting her apart was a little old Idaho farmer. Super cute kind of guy, but an Idaho farmer nonetheless. (I promise that it is relevant to the story.) So he was having a hard time getting the name of all 3 of her callings straight so they had to have him practice saying them over and over again. Finally he decides he is ready and he proceeds to set her apart. He names all three callings and then takes a deep breath. He continues on in this way, "Now that may seem like a lot but we bless you that you can Git R Done." WHAT?!! HAHA! Needless to say that particular girl could NOT stop laughing. It was terrible. He was so innocent in doing it. She felt bad being irreverent and laughing but it really really was a lost cause. Oh well! Thank goodness for repentance. :)

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