Sunday, May 13, 2012


Am I the only one that finds this humorous?? But I got a message on Facebook from an Edward Antonio and this is what it reads:

"Hello beautiful lady my name is Franco Alonzo i just saw your profile here on facebook and i will want to know more about you, i see you to be an interesting woman which i will love to know what make's you the special woman you are today, with much affection i wait for an email from you kisses."

The best part is the "kisses" at the end. HAHA! Pervert. The other great part is that his profile is Edward Antonio but he claims his name is Franco Alonzo. So who knows who he really is. The next thing is that I do not have my profile up for just anybody to see what I am all about. So he must think I am "interesting" and "special" just by my picture. Typical man. Of course I am not going to message him back. What a creeper. 

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Melane said...

ROFL!!! Creeper for sure!