Monday, May 21, 2012

A Hot Mullet

So I was working in the temple Wednesday when this very tall handsome young guy came walking by. He was real attractive. He was wearing black pants and cowboy boots. But as he passed I noticed he had a mullet. Did this change my opinion in the least amount??? NO! I thought it made him look even more hot! He could really pull it off and it was super classy looking. I swear it! This is kinda what the mullet looked like, but a little shorter on the top, and a tad shorter in the back.

 I am telling you it was HOT! I was trying real hard to keep my thoughts clean and pure while in the temple.  Cause it's real hard when a guy with a real attractive mullet walks by. The Lord should just not allow boys that hot to be there when I am. That's all! :D

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