Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Am Single and I Don't Know Why

So tonight at the temple I went to my next station and the older lady whose station I was taking asked me if I was with the Young Single Adult group. I said yes and then she proceeded to ask me why I was still single when I am so darling. Uh...... how do you answer that? So I just said, "I dunno" thinking we would just move on. I was wrong. She then tells me in a very serious tone that she is really asking me a question and wanted to know. AWKWARD! What do you really say to that now..... Sometimes the worst thing about being single is having to explain to others and eventually to yourself why you are.

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DangGina said...

Oh my goodness. She wanted a serious answer to THAT question? In the temple, of all places? Yikes! I always figure "I don't know why I'm single" is a sincerely honest answer. I mean, yeah, I've hashed it out in my head, and although I have some quirks, I figure it's because I'm supposed to be single right now. I had a serious chat about my singlehood with with my brother just older than me (now married for 7 years), and he said, "You know, you COULD be married right now. To a guy in the temple, even. But you've got standards and you deserve better than 'getting married just to get married.'" It totally made me feel better about my situation (just turned 30! Yipes!)

Anyway, I think you're a darling, and I'm sorry you had that awkward sitch in the temple :)