Friday, June 22, 2012

Having Been Born of Goodly Parents

I am sure everyone has heard the recent news about the bus monitor who was cruelly bullied and it was taped and the video when viral on YouTube. Well it got me thinking today of just how wicked the world is and how horrible and cruel some people can be. And my thoughts I have to admit went to my parents and I just can't even express how thankful I am for good and righteous parents who taught me so much but most importantly they taught me how to be Christ like and treat others with respect. I can't tell you how grateful I am for my mother always telling me to "mind my manners" when I went to a friends house. I was a SUPER picky eater but I always remember choking down the food with a smile and then saying thank you. Anything less than that would have not been ok with my mother. I am grateful for the times my mom told me to support my YW leaders and not just show up to activities when there was something in it for me, (which even in the Mormon culture is something most people do not abide by) and I am glad my mother instilled that into me. I am grateful that my mother always told me to look out and love the underdogs. Both the bullies and the bullied. I am grateful that my dad taught me the joy of serving others, and to put others first. Everytime someone in our branch or ward was moving in or out we ALWAYS showed up. We were always the last family to leave an activity cause we stayed till the clean up was done, and we were always happy to serve. I love my mommy and my daddy. Truly I have been born of goodly parents.

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