Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Ok so here is one of those oddities about life. So at work I am all over the place! Office, car, client home, library, park, office again... so amongst all the running around I would ALWAYS lose my pen. So I would get another one.....then lose that one. Then I would get another one.....and lose that one. Amongst all the losing of pens, I NEVER found one. So I got frustrated. I grabbed like 20 pens from work one day and stuffed them in my bag. Now there are pens everywhere, and not just a few. I mean I swear they were breeding in my bag because I swear they have multiplies in there by at least a dozen. Now I couldn't lose a pen if I wanted to. Everywhere I turn there is a pen, even some that I swear I have never even seen before. My car, my bag, my satchel, my computer desk, my clients houses. EVERYWHERE!!! I guess  I can't complain! The problem has been fixed, but good grief!!!

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Professor Hall said...

So maybe if I put 20 marbles in my pocket, it would fix everything?