Sunday, October 7, 2012

Free Stuff

So I decided to accompany Marci to "Ladies Night" at Deseret Book on Saturday night. For the first 100 customers they gave out a paper to receive a free gift. This year it was a couple small picture frames next to the word FAMILY. Ok so Marci and I were running after the ladies with the voucher for the free gifts like they were give away a million dollars. But we weren't the only ones. There were lots of older ladies there stampeding around the store trying to get the free gift. Well Marci and I got the last two vouchers. As we were heading out to the car I thought. Why on earth was aI stampeding around the store for this free gift when I don't even want it. There were lots of cute old ladies there who would love to put it next to their "live laugh love" picture (which makes me want to puke every time I see those ones, SO cliche) Anyway, bottom line, I think that we can do a lot of crazy things just because something is free. Now I have to find someone who doesn't read my blog to regift this to. ;)

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Megan said...

Pick me! Pick me! Just kidding. I take dumb free stuff all the time. I usually regift it to children, because they can always find something useful for junk.