Sunday, January 13, 2008

...and they think girls are confusing?

Before you read this blog I would have to say that you need to refer to my blog "The parable of the chicken and ham bone." Then you will better understand my plight. No I am not hating boys because I am not getting game. Here let me clear it up for you.

So I worked with this guy before his mission. We went on a date before he left. We wrote while he was on the mission here and there. He mostly wrote me. Then he asked if we could hang out when he returned. He got back and contacted me and we went on two dates. They went perfectly. He was into me and I was into him. It was obvious. He would call me a nickname, and we would talk on the phone for hours. He had most of the qualities I am looking for and I felt I was attracted to him. He obviously was to me. He came down in a blizzard to hang out with me. He treated me really well. During Christmas break we texted a lot. When I returned he hasn't contacted me since. I texted him a week ago and we texted back and forth for a few hours and then I texted him twice tonight and he never replied. He is such a jerk. Why did he string me along and then dump me. I never really had my heart into it because I built a wall there a long time ago and it will take a special someone to break it down. I haven't liked a guy in almost two years and he is the first one I have had interest in at all. Then he ignores me...... it is just my luck and I probably should have expected it. So now everyone can know my plight! Men suck....and they think girls are confusing?

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