Saturday, January 12, 2008

I am in SO much PAIN!!!

So I went to the doctor's today to have surgery and I wasn't scared at all. I don't mind pain too bad and I don't mind needles and blood so I knew I was all set for a fun little surgery. So I am on the cutting table and the doctor was cutting me up pretty well. Well it tickled so bad I would keep laughing and when I would laugh my body would move. I am sure she probably cut more of my body off than needed to be cut off. It was funny. So I kept looking down and there was this gaping hole in my body and they kept telling me not to look but I thought it was so cool I just had to see. After the surgery was over I asked her if the spot would hurt and if it would cause me a lot of pain. She said it might hurt a little but not too bad. I responded with a little disappointment and said that I needed to be in a lot of pain so I could whine and moan about my intense surgery and get more attention. She told me that I would totally be able to milk it and take full advantage of the situation. So have I got any attention?.....NO! Nobody even cares about poor Katy and her gaping wounds and multiple stitches. Nobody cares that she had a two hour surgery and is experiencing immense pain. Nobody cares that she is nursing back to health her festering wounds. Oh well. Maybe someone will care when she has to amputate her leg off from gangrene!!! Sounds like a plan to me......

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