Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Good Things Never Last Forever

So I work at such a great job! I LOVE my kids. I LOVE my hours. I LOVE my co-workers. I LOVE my pay! What else can you ask for. Right? Well our company is now moving to a new location so they can have a smaller building and save more on rent. First they told us that partial care wouldn't have a playground. We whined about it a little and thought it really sucked. Then they told us that they were going to condense it down to one room for three groups of kids. Holy cow! That is like almost not functionable. We complained some more. Then they told us that we wouldn't have a kitchen. How in the heck are you supposed to feed all these kids without a kitchen? We can't just pull hot lunch food out of our butts!!! Then they tell us that they are condensing the staff down to 2 social workers and 1 aide. That leaves 4 people to be let go. They they tell us that there will be no aides and just Tye and I! I am like I will die working with kids and one crazy guy all day long!!! I can't handle it!!! Then they say that they are condensing the kids down to about 10 kids and that is only if they will give us a room to use. IF they have a room for us.....? How can we possibly work with kids without a room? Ok kids let's do this in the CEO's office!!! That is about how I feel. It seems like they keep shrinking it back to nothing....and today they pretty much told me that it was going to be totally annihilated. I am about ready to stab my eyes out!!! Now I will have to be a PSR worker like Marci! EEK!!! They say they are now looking for another position they can put me in....but as you can see by the pattern of how they treat us that I am basically the newest PSR worker of The Children's Center! Boo! This is the lesson I have learned. Good things never last forever.....

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