Monday, January 7, 2008

Things that I have learned from my 3 BFFS!!

Now most of you know that I have been through a lot in my life (who hasn't). But after my biggest trial of my mom passing away I expected to get all those "many blessings" everyone talks about after you have the trial of a lifetime. After about two years I was sure the Lord had forgotten my blessings because I wasn't married. Then I noticed that he blessed me in even a more amazing way. He gave me so much more. He gave me three more wonderful years of being single and meeting and befriending three of the most amazing girls in the BFF's!!! These are some things that I have learned from them throughout the hard times and throughout the easy times.

1. If you get in a fight things will work out and you will become closer because, you have been there before and things worked out before.

2. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they ride their bike.

3. People that bear their testimony every month need to be done away with.

4. It's ok to lock your friend in their bedroom so you can have privacy for a date.

5. It's ok to be the one locked in your bedroom so your friend can have privacy on their date.

6. It's ok to have different opinions and walk a different path. Such as one using the crosswalk while the other jaywalks.

7. We still love each other even when one gets 30 notes from the relief society friendship basket and the other only gets 2.

8. To be need to live hardcore!!!

9. When a hot guy gives you a compliment the proper response is "Thanks! Wanna make out?"

10. We all will eventually do hard things!!

11. How to properly manage a "25 times" marathon.

12. How to write the best romance novels :)

13. How to set priorities above singing in relief society!

14. It's ok to be a little bit long as you make it back by curfew.

I have more to add....later....

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