Saturday, January 5, 2008

How old DO I look?

Wow! my whole life I know I have looked like younger than I am but sometimes it is just ridiculous how young people really think that I am. So I am 23 years old and most of you people know that. So about May of last year I was at Old Navy buying something and the check out girl is just trying to make casual conversation and asks if I had just graduated. I was like wow! Somebody actually realizes I am 23! I replied and said, "Why yes I graduated." Then the best reply ever!!! So are you going to go on to college? I guess I made some kind of face and it was marqueed across my face that I thought she was an idiot and her eyes got really big and she said, " graduated college." I just smiled and said I get it alot. Hope it made her feel better for her blunder. She must have thought I was like 18! UGH!

Then I was in a different store about 6 months later and a lady asked if I was 18 or older. I said, "uh yeah....ha ha" and she said, "you are?......Really?" I was like "I am 23" and she said, "Oh honey you don't look it." If she didn't think I was 18 or older she must have thought I was 16 or 17. Please! I guess I will be happy when I am 40 and look like I am FINALLY 25 !!!!

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