Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's much more than Chutes and Ladders and Candy Land

Since I got fired from my last client....I started picking up hours with another girl that another PSR decided that she needed a "break" from. Wow did I have an interesting day today. I have seen dirty homes and been in them, but this was my first experience CLEANING a dirty home. So I walk in the door into a cloud of smoke. Immediately my eyes are burning and I have to breath shallow to avoid getting instant lung cancer. Evidently the mother is a chain smoker. Wow who'd a thunk!

So my girl is in the bathroom organizing the cabinet under the sink, and I am thinking, wow...why don't we pause the organizing and work on cleaning the smeared crap off the rug. However, you have to understand that their version of clean and my version of clean are on two totally different planes. So the house is in deplorable condition and they are having her clean the bathroom, her room, kitchen, dining room, and clean the crap (literally) out of the cat boxes.

Back to the bathroom.....

So the entire shower and sink are like orange with soap scum. It was so thick on there that you could scrub it for a month and not get it all off (not even Matt Schultz could make this thing clean). There was something all over the mirror that wouldn't come off. Then she starts cleaning the toilet and there is like a huge glob of poo on the back of the bowl. She is just laughing and having fun while she was cleaning and I was about ready to hurl. Then she starts picking the huge globs of hair off the floor. I thought I was going to puke. That was the worst of it. I can handle the smoke and the poo and the soap scum and filthiness, but I can't handle the hair!!! The rugs I don't think have ever been washed and were filthy dirty.

Next is her bedroom. I told her she needed to work on her room. She starts putting things away and she picks up her clothes and there is cat feces all over them. So I find a spot to sit and start talking to her and redirecting and I noticed this half eaten candy cane lying on the floor on top of some of the poo. Then about 15 minutes later her 5 year old sister comes in and the next thing I know the candy cane is in her mouth and my girl is yelling at her to get it out because it was in the cat poo. I am just thinking it can't get any better then this, and then I go to get up and realize I had been sitting in dry feces as well. Yikes!!! But ya know, despite all these things, I really had a great 2 hours with her. What an amazing girl to be able to endure so much! I have the option of taking her on permanently, so I am going to have to search ponder and pray about it......Opinions? Suggestions?


Matt Schultz said...

Wow. I'm not hungry anymore. Well, I do feel honored that my name was mentioned - and with a positive connotation! Thanks Katy! I must say though, I'm not sure that there's grime that I can't get take care of. I'm a stubborn son of a gun when I go to war with filth. Yes, war.

Teddy and Scotty said...

Couldn't even get through through the post girlfriend. Got to the the bathroom part, didn't even make it to the bedroom I was almost hurling up hairballs myself. Sounds nasty, you're a peach to do that.