Monday, December 29, 2008

Nice Assignment

Today's nice assignment was to make a list of all the wonderful things that I did this year, or things that have happened to me. So here it goes.

- Got the pox or discovered that I am allergic to penicillin.
- Became a PSR worker and graduated 3 of my clients.
- My brother reached his year mark on his mission.
- Little Simon was born to our family making it a total of 7 kids.
- Became friends with Lindsey Dance!!
- American Idol Nights
- Discovered the wonders of Real Deals.
- Joined the gym and lost 10 pounds.
- Camping in the great outdoors.
- STACI & ANDREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Past the 4 year mark of my mother's death.
- Made the decision to NOT buy a new car.
- Coined some new terms and nicknames.
- Discovered KJ's steamers are the best winter beverage.
- Stressed about a talk for 2 weeks.
- Moved into a house.
- Adopted a dog.
- Flew home for Christmas and enjoyed a long week with the family.
- Stopped and recognized the Lord's hand in my life each and every single day.....

1 comment:

Andi said...

Katy, you mentioned me?????? I feel so special...and I feel good inside for you that you know me! HAHAHA! Can't wait for you to come home!