Saturday, January 3, 2009

Handicapped Carts

So what you see here seems to be just a normal shopping cart. One that is provided by the store to make your shopping experience easier and more pleasant. WRONG!!!! From what seems to be an object designed to bring easement and satisfaction to your shopping experience actually is the same object that has brought me frustration and embarrassment. Let me explain. Lately I have finding that whenever I go to Walmart I seem to find that one cart in the pack that is handicapped in some way.

Handicap A: This is the cart that has one wheel that won't turn. When you are pushing it along it will randomly stop, making it hard to push and maneuver around the store.

Handicap B: This is the cart that has something on the wheel, whether it is gum or dried poo from the ground, there is something there which makes the cart's wheel make a bang bang bang sound as you push it along. It may feel like you are off-roading, but don't be fooled I am sure you get those dirty looks from other customers wanting you to shut your cart up.

Handicap C: This is my favorite. The cart where the wheels aren't aligned or something to that affect. I am not a cart mechanic. (Do they even exist? Probably not.) Anyway, this is the cart that will either leer to the right or left. Forcing you to pick up the back end a little as you push it to insure that you aren't running it into the butts and ankles of the other customers. There have been a many hit and runs due to bad wheel alignment.

So it isn't just the frustrations of having a squeaky cart or having to pick your cart up as you push it. But when the other customers see you with your handicapped cart they look at you as if you are the one that is handicapped. They just stare, and you can't do anything about it. So maybe next time you see someone pushing their clanging cart along you should give them a smile. Smile to show them you totally understand, after all we have all been there before, but maybe smile too in knowing that is wasn't you this time that got stuck with the disobedient cart.


Michelle said...

I LOVE IT SO FUNNY I MISS YOU! I am speaking on the 25ht in richfield can you come???????????? PLEASE!!!!

Rhonda said...

Oh! This one is too funny but, also very true. Next time I see you with your Handicapped shopping cart don't worry I'll smile. I just hope that when I bust out with laughter everyone else does not think I'm the handicap. So I will laugh to take the eye off of whoever and their sorry cart.