Monday, January 12, 2009

Come What May, and Love It

So I have come to the conclusion that bad things happen in 3's. There have been three things that hit me all in about a weeks span that were not awesome! In fact they were crappy! Anyway, I figured that it would be a lot worse depending on the way that I reacted to it. After all, I have to stick to my new motto: Come what may, and love it. So that is what I have decided to do. Even though it had me doing extra office work, and dealing with roommate situations, and other confusing factors. But maybe things will work out in the end on all three accounts. Meanwhile, while I am waiting for things to work out, and figuring out what I am supposed to learn from all this, I am still going to enjoy my life and maintain a good attitude. Because having a bad attitude would just make the situation worse and whole lot more miserable. I have the faith that things will all work out, and sometimes they turn out for the better in the end.


Country Boy said...

Great Motto Katy!!! I hope I can follow suit as well!

Andi said...

You are amazing! And I love learning from you and your example every day!