Thursday, December 17, 2009


Dedicated to one of my BFF's Andrea!!! :) It's her birthday and I want her to know why she is in this limited group.

Andrea is one of the best listeners EVER, and remembers everything I tell her. She loves to hear all my crazy stories, and is always eager to hear more. Andrea always finds time for me even though she has work, a calling and a husband that occupy her time. When we hang out we always seem to spend the day laughing until we cry and having great in depth conversations. She always seems to bring out the best of both sides of me. Andrea was there through all the boy drama, and helped convince me that a certain boy just wasn't good enough for me. Andrea is constantly building me up(maybe a little too high) and has helped me to realize my talents and see myself the way that others see me.

I don't know what I would have done for the past 2 years without her. She has influenced my life in a big way, and I can't let her birthday pass without letting her know how much I appreciate her and why my Heavenly Father has put her in my life. For sure she is one of my ministering angels on this side. She is an amazing person and her friendship has been irreplaceable.

Happy Birthday Andrea!!!! I heart you ALL THE DAYS!!!

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Annie Hall said...

I heart her too.