Sunday, December 20, 2009


So my friend Brandon told me I should blog about my Katyisms.

PFHE: "Potential Family, Home Evening" This is where you go on a date instead of going to FHE. One of my friends signature moves.

Friendship timeout: This is when you are in trouble and the friendship needs a break. :)

NCF: Non committal flirting, cause who doesn't like to flirt a little.

Brown Pants Day: This means its just one of those days when the hormones make a person do and say things that aren't in their best interest. (Coined this cause guys are so hot in brown pin striped dress pants.)

This I say is True: This is the phrase used to keep people honest.

Run Block: This is either when you are blocking to keep the creepy guy away from your friend. Or when the creepy guy is keeping someone's crush away from them.

Squish: Crushes are bad! You always get your heart hurt. Squish is the next best thing and a whole lot more easy on the heart.

Hot on the gospel: This is used when talking about quality boys who LOVE the gospel.


Annie Hall said...

A lot of these are really Reese and friends isms.

Kate said...

I knew you would say this. I was going to add that, but I didn't know how to phrase it right. But 4 of them really are all mine! :)