Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's About Time I Blogged About Brazil


I finally got around to uploading my pictures on my computer and blogging about this. Last month I had the opportunity to travel with my dad and Melane down to Brazil to be there when Jake finished up his mission. It was an amazing trip. So many crazy adventures including an encounter with a crazy man on the metro, getting lost and ending up on the freeway, accidentally attending a 4 star restaurant, doing a session in the Sao Paulo temple, getting hit on by cute brazilian boys, and a perpetually clogged toilet. It was an unforgettable adventure. However, the best part would have to be seeing my brother again (so I was no longer the 3rd wheel) and being able to meet his missionary companions and the areas where he served. Welcome home little brother!! It's so great to have you back.


Melane said...

so, you forgot to mention that getting lost and ending up on the freeway was while we were on foot. and mentioning how we had to climb up a hill in our skirts to get off the freeway. that alone could be something to blog about! LOL!

Rachelle and Logan said...

Wow, Jake looks exactly how I remember him! I was watching A Charlie Brown Christmas on tv, and it brought back tons of memories of the youth of our branch doing that play for the Christmas party. You remember that? I think Jake was Linus, but I can't remember who you were... oh well, it was still fun! Congratulations on the mission, Jake!