Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Things I Heart to Do

( I was tagged by Rachelle)

This is something I have always struggled with. When I am not working I am usually being social. Being a people pleaser I usually like to do what the rest of the group wants to do. So recently my friend asked me what I liked to do, and it struck me cause I had a hard time thinking of anything. So this is a great thing for me to ponder and to blog about. Here goes.....

1.) I like to blog. The talent of writing runs in the family. My mom was great at writing and it's a passion my younger brother has picked up as well. I like putting my random thoughts out into cyber space, and sharing them with anyone who just may stumble upon them.

2.) I enjoy listening to my music. I am passionate about the music I like and I love to listen to it. I almost always have it playing whenever I am alone. If there isn't a someone to keep me company then my music sure will.

3.) I enjoy taking walks. A nice walk seems to help clear my head and just enjoy nature and the smell of the fresh air.

4.) I love to go to Barnes and Noble and just browse the books. It's just so quiet and relaxing. Love it.

5.) I love to talk (You all knew this one was coming) But seriously. Do you ever really HAVE To be doing something. Some of the best times have been sitting and talking with my friends. Great thoughts and laughs are exchanged and relationships strengthened.

6.) I LOVE theme parks. I love the thrill only when it is deemed safe. If it's not then I avoid thrills like the plague. Can't handle high risk behavior. But theme parks are great.

7.) I love road trips and traveling. I love going to places I have never been before, and seeing the parts of the world that is home to so many others.

8.) I LOVE hugs!!! I used to not like them so much, but then I met two of my bestest friends and they hugged everyone in sight. "Hey, aren't you in my class?" *hug* "I think I have seen you before....did you work at WalMart?" *hug* Living with this for 2 years we kind of reached a happy medium. Now I love hugs from my friends!!! Love, love, love them.

9.) I love to read books on the studies of human behavior. I love to read up on how to read people and how to interact better with people. I don't always 100% live what I read but it's fun to study up on. Human behavior is fascinating to me.

10.) I just love to be with the people that I love. How much better is life when we are surrounded and engulfed by warm smiles and hugs from people that only have our best interest in mind. I am so blessed for the friends that I have. My cup (for sure) runneth over.

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Rachelle and Logan said...

Sounds like we have a lot in common. I think it's hilarious you have friends who hug familiar Walmart workers.