Friday, June 15, 2012


So me and a friend of mine started confessing our deep dark sins to each other.....well here is the first one I confessed...

CONFESSION!! I have NEVER recycled. After living at my place in Bountiful for almost a year my neighbor approached me and began to inform me about the recyclable that I "could" use and noticed that it had never made a trip to the curb since I had lived there. I confessed to her that i didn't know how to recycle and she proceeded to inform me what could go into the recyclable bin.

Side story. Growing up my mom banned me from watching Fern Gully. So since she banned me from watching it I can't really tell you what it's about. I assume it's about animals trying to save the forest or something with a ton of environmentalist propaganda mixed in to try and brainwash little kiddies into becoming tree huggers. I remember going to a friends house and they had Fern Gully on, and I remember trying to divert my eyes and trying really hard not to watch it, cause I just knew that it would be a sin if I watched it. I was so innocent back then.

Kudos to my neighbor lady for trying to get me to recycle. But CONFESSION! Even after she told me how to recycle I still never did. I guess my lack of watching Fern Gully when I was younger really did have a greater impact on me then I had originally thought. Or maybe I am just lazy. Either way I guess after all the thoughts that have gone into this post, the main thing I have reached a conclusion on is that my neighbor lady HAS watched Fern Gully.


Anonymous said...

You should totally watch ferngully. It's got environmentalist...insinuations...but it's also got fairies! And seriously touching moments. And it's funny. Well I thought it was funny. Anyway it's one of my favorite movies. You should watch it.

Willie said...

I recycle all the time!
But I don't think I have ever seen Fern Gully.