Wednesday, June 13, 2012


When I was younger I remember my dad always telling me that I didn't have red hair, but that I had copper colored hair. Which is true. I have always had kind of a unique color of "red." I remember my dad always holding up a bright new penny to my hair and comparing the colors. Yup! It was pretty dang close to copper. However with being a Copperhead I have also had to come to grips with my hair aging like copper penny as well. Just take a glance at my fancy little chart! 

New people I meet started referring to me as having brown hair. That was a no go for me. So I have resorted to Henna dying it back to about the color of photo B. It's not super accurate but accurate enough that Aunt Shirley can't tell the difference. And as long as she can't tell then I think I can just about fool anyone else. :)

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Annie Hall said...

I really heart you penny chart. And your new blog design!